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A Beautiful Mind

Frisky winds are ringing our chimes heralding that autumn is here. It is my favorite time of the year! The windows are open; even the inside walls are enjoying the fresh air. Tomorrow promises early morning temps in the 30s, and it was in the 90s last week. Welcome to our magical corner of Texas where the weather is a favorite topic of conversation.

Today I haven’t much to say. Now that is perplexing when you are scheduled to post a blog. Instead, I poured my creative juices into making a fragrant sprouted lentil soup with turkey and fennel. A pot of beef black bean chili. And a butternut squash puree to go with a roasted chicken already tucked inside the fridge. I am prepared for a chilly weekend and don’t need to spend it in the kitchen. Haha!

After meditating I realized that my mind is feeling beautiful. Here is Michael. A. Singer’s The Beautiful Mind. Enjoy!

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