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Balancing Our Microbiome

Wow look at the beautiful golden and red sparkling, effervescent swirling energy hovering over my face. It is so incredibly dynamic and engages my full attention. Aah, Gaia is waking me up today. Opening my eyes, I get up and sit down with my journal to capture Gaia’s early morning message.

October 11, 2017, Gaia do you have a message for me?

“Little One, stand tall invite one and all with your blog. Send the meditation that the Gathering did September 9th, out far and wide. The message is for all everywhere. Enjoy the stares. And so it is.”

September 9, 2017, Gathering in Texas

Gaia invited us to put our attention on the Earth’s microbiome that needs to be restructured entirely and rebalanced after the hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and raging fires.

The microbiome is the ecosystem on a microscopic level. So, if we are looking at a handful of dirt under a microscope we can see mold, parasites, amoebas and whatever else is in there at the microscopic level – that is the microbiome.  Note:  Dictionary defines it as the combined genetic material of the microorganisms in a particular environment.

We have microbiome in our mouth which is different from the microbiome in our colon, and in our liver, etc. It is everywhere, and for us to be well all of it has to be happy working together.  There are no good bugs and bad bugs; it is all a bunch of little guys that need to work in balance and harmony together so we can experience wellness.

It works the same way for our planet including the water and the land. Subsiding flood waters left the microbiome of the earth’s soil in chaos.  If left unassisted, it can proliferate in an unhealthy and unbalanced way for all other life forms because we are breathing it, we are walking on it, and we grow our food in it.

For this meditation, Gaia asked us to turn our attention to the microbiome.  Here is what we saw. We invite you to visualize along with us?

When you have a picture of whatever it looks like for you, keep it for the future. Gaia has asked us to focus on the microbiome for the entire planet for a long, long time. It is a much bigger focus than on just your area.  Let us put our attention everywhere there is dirt and if you can expand beyond your home, go to the multi-verse and into the cosmos.


Let’s begin by going into a quiet meditation.  Connect with Gaia and the violet flame, and we will describe what we see. Pay attention to what it feels like so that you will have a reference point to use it again in the future.

Allow yourself to exhale and relax.  Know that Gaia is here always.  She tells us all the time that she is in awe and in gratitude for the way that we all serve the planet at this time.

Gaia shows up to me like red and gold kind of tornadoes almost like the Apple emoji flamingo dancer in red and gold with blond hair.  She is a particular energy, and this planet is hers.  She is the overseer of all life and all their interconnections.

If you can just imagine an area in Houston that was affected by Harvey.  It may be something concrete that you can relate to that you saw on the news showing where the floodwaters have subsided and there is nothing but mud left.  In some places that mud is six to eight inches deep.

The microbiome that we are going to focus our healing light on is the top six inches of the surface of the earth.  Anywhere there are six inches of dirt/earth; it is like little ants or ground bees nest.  It is a bevy of activity with all these little critters buzzing, moving around and interacting with each other.

Just above the soil, we see a tiny violet flame.  This violet flame, we are looking at is about two inches in diameter hovering above the surface of the earth. It is rotating counterclockwise, like a little purple tornado. It is sucking up all these tiny microbes from that small area of dirt coming up into this little purple lotus flower or purple tornado.  They don’t shoot out of the tornado or flower, they just barely lift it through the top of the purple lotus then flows out like a fountain 360.

We see the microbiome transformed by being raised up through the violet flame. The energy now is sparkly golden and white specks that are raining down back into the Earth.  The violet flame has just cleared and balanced that little piece of soil.

It is necessary to keep this process in place for a while yet, but we don’t know how long.  Once it is activated, we need to keep it in place.

The next step is to multiply this exponentially.  It is as if you are taking an astronaut’s view and everywhere that you see the land mass on this blue earth of ours it is covered with a carpet of these mini violet flames.  With each one doing its job in its little patch of land.

While you hold this image for the entire planet, please join us by repeating a violet flame affirmation.

Blaze, Blaze, Blaze up through mother Earth the mighty violet consuming flame.  The purifying power of divine love in its most potent dynamic activity.  Consume cause, affect, record and memory of any human concept that contributed to this imbalance. Replace it with the 5th-dimensional crystalline substance of purity and divine love and hold your perfection within our Earth and all of Gaia now and always.  And, so it is.

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