BOOK – Shhh…God is Talking! Are You Listening?

Shhh God is Talking! My_coverSuzy’s first book in the MagicLand Series

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“It isn’t often that the adjectives delightful, warm, and wise fit the same book, especially when it can also produce real life results for the reader. The author has opened her heart to the reader and placed logs in the fireplace so that a wonderful read in the evening can bring a bright new day in the morning. We can all relate to Suzy’s stories and examples, and her discoveries are those we all would like to have.”

—Glenda Green, best-selling author, Love Without End – Jesus Speaks and Keys of Jeshua and an internationally acclaimed artist whose work is in important collections including the Smithsonian Institute.

“Suzy Greene’s ‘wakeup call’ to God’s presence and God’s presents is a powerful recap of one woman’s experience with the Creator of the Universe, and the presence within of THE Holy SPIRIT’S leading, direction, and surprises! Almost too amazing to be true, or, should it be our experience also? I believe the latter!

Thank you, Suzy, for knowing that our powerful God is in our daily lives, and in our every experience, if we only ‘listen’! SHHH!”

—Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, Author, Life and Speaking Coach, Co-Founder Smartpractice

“With this wise new book Suzy Greene opens a beautiful universe – messengers and messages are everywhere. She gives us the courage to listen and to act. She helps to tune our awareness towards that greater power behind the screen of our everyday life. Suzy offers five easy steps that lead us to find our unlimited inner guidance protection system. A book about awareness and intuition – brain food for this new millennium in an intellectualized left-brained world.”

—Gunter Kraa, Film Director, Germany

“I could not put down Suzy Greene’s book until I read the last page. Suzy made me realize that the little voice that speaks to us is always there, but we ignore it. On November 8, 2003, that voice told me not to go horseback riding with my husband. I did not listen? I felt that I had to please him. I fell and broke my back. Lying in the hospital in horrible pain and facing a long, painful recovery, I wondered why women often do not listen to the voice that whispers to them all the time. I decided that something had to change. With lots of humor, Suzy gives 5 simple steps to learn how to listen to that voice and act on it. Suzy has written about a subject that can change our life, if only we listen. So from now on, as Suzy says, I will honor myself, listen – and learn that it is OK to say – No.”

—Catherine Winkler Rayroud1, Swiss paper cutting artist and author of the “Little Rescue

Book for Women in Crisis – a Woman’s Journey” which will be published in summer, 2015.

“I would like to thank you for all the years of influential inspirations in my life. You have encouraged me to push myself with explorations of my intuitive being. You have given me methods that have both healed my soul and given me peace. I have known you my whole life and yet you have never stayed the same person. You are always reaching for higher heights to be more intuitive and peaceful. This book is a great tool and for the world to see a glimpse of the powerful transformer you are. I thank you for being a messenger.”

—Amanda Swadish, Owner, The Tasting Company

“Suzy Greene, speaker and facilitator extraordinaire, has written a book called, “Shhh…God Is Talking! Are You Listening?” It’s filled with heartfelt personal stories, as well as practical tips and tools to help everyone become more in touch and in tune with the Divine in and around each of us. It is a fun and easy read, while simultaneously inspiring and encouraging. Recommended reading for anyone on a consciousness path!”

—Bev Edelman, Personal Growth Therapist, Alternative Psychology

“With every story, I became ever aware that we have a God designed skillset within us that warns of blocks in the road ahead. From Suzy and her short stories I find encouragement to remember to trust the signs and guides in my own life. The strength of her testimonies is that they come from the truth of her having lived them. To recognize our unique intelligent inner radar system is a gift.”

—Carol Crosby, Massage Therapist

“Shhh… God is Talking is a delight to read as Suzy shares personal insights and wisdom on how anyone can tune into and listen to the “messages” that will make their journey through life one of ease and joy.”

—Jackie Self, Owner ONE – Transformational Light Center

“A truly enlightening book on who is in control. All we have to do is wake up and listen. Suzy, thank you for being you!”

—Linda Russell

“Listen. Such wisdom in this book. The author will help you hear the voice that guides. Wisdom is there – if we pay attention! Suzy reminds me of what I need to know – and remember.”

—Eileen McDargh CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, Author, “Your Resiliency”

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