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Have you read Suzy’s popular, life-changing book: The Most Important Conversation is the One You’re Not Having? 

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How do you have difficult conversations between YOU, family, co-workers, friends and the annoying customer service representative? The tools discussed within the book, The Most Important is the One You’re Not Having, create the safety to conduct these tough conversations in the heat of the moment when you do not have time to prepare.

The expanded 3rd edition The Most Important Conversation is the One You’re Not Having, released 2013, brings into the current climate timeless proven tools to nurture you and increase your capacity to nurture your relationships.

The Most Important Conversation is the One You’re Not Having

ISBN 978-1-6192725-2-1

Holiday Discount 25% special offer for softbacks $14.99 + free S/H

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What Our Readers Say


“If you know anyone struggling with anger and fear, invite them to read Suzy’s book, The Most Important Conversation is the One You’re Not Having. Suzy’s book offers insights into three types of anger and the four faces of fear that affect our bodies and relationships. The exercises and tools help you become more aware of your emotions in your own lives…and so much more! A great resource for discovering how you express anger and fear while acquiring tools to guide these emotions into a more balanced state. We share with our clients Suzy’s FREE QUIZ – How Effective is Your Communication Style.”  Jacqueline Self

I enjoyed meeting and visiting with you a couple of weekends ago when you were a guest at the Gallery at Round Top.  I thought I had purchased enough books; but after reading them, I wanted to share your inspirational message, and insightful advice by giving this book and your “Conversation” book as gifts this Christmas. Each book is a pleasure and easy read, just a couple of hours, then on to another positive day. Merry Christmas. Connie Stevens

In the middle of an ice age with my wife I looked for help in Suzy Greene’s  newer 2013 edition with some doubt, because I remembered the 2003 edition mainly as a brilliant business advisory. The newer version immediately lead me from insight to insight. I found elements of my matrimonial dis-communication in every chapter. A clear analysis of basic destructive factors is followed by description of practical steps out. I found a mirror, reflecting my part of the difficulties – written with love the book helped me to bear the image.A new kind of space emerged for my wife and me, movements on a new level started. The big elephant left our home and the icy ego blockade slowly dissolved. The wind of the vedas and of philosophia perennis gently blows through the beautiful new ebook edition, in which the author shares her knowledge and wisdom with the reader. Thank you Suzy Greene.” Gunter Kraa, Germany

This book offers practical and relevant advice that everyone can use in both their personal and professional relationships. As the executive director of a program that trains and supervises volunteer advocates for abused children, I plan to make this book available to our volunteers and to encourage every one of them to read it. The conversations our volunteers have with everyone involved in these cases – parents, caregivers, CPS staff, attorneys and others — can be improved with techniques offered in this book. Making these conversations more effective will result in better outcomes for the children we serve.” Margarette Boswell, Executive Director, CASA for Kids of South Central Texas

I wish I had been provided this book while leading Marines in the many different circumstances that I encountered throughout the world or upon retiring and leading technical professionals in the corporate world. I would have made it required reading for all who served under me because of the insightful, well written way that subjects are covered and explained. Anyone in a leadership position in any industry should read this and lead by example the lessons that Suzy presents. Any manager should bind this book to their heart and soul with bands of steel!!” Jim Rowan, USNA 77′, USMC Retired, Ph.D.

The Most Important Conversation Is the One You Are Not Having by Susan Greene is a wonderful manual that casts a different light on relationships and communication. Susan draws on her extensive consulting experience and direct, forthright style to give tools and practices that will transform the way the reader communicates in the workplace and in everyday life.” Reverand Karen Tudor

I wish I had discovered Suzy Greene’s book years ago. It would have been invaluable in relating to my most important asset: People. I would have better understood myself, my staff and increased my empathy and joie de vivre.” Jim Greene, (no relation) served 21 years in the U. S. Air Force, retired as a Captain. Then a second career in banking and retired as the CEO South Padre Bank and Texas Regional Bank

I finished the book on the plane ride back from our trip last week, and loved it! So many interesting stories, and ideas! I feel it’s the kind of book a reader will get more out of, each time he/she reads it….and that’s what I plan to do!” Christine Wied, Administrative Computing Services, Director, Blinn College

LOVE YOUR BOOK!! Your book is destined to make a difference in this world. Isn’t that what we’re here to do? Just wanted you to know how valuable your book is to me and the world!!” D. Byers, B & B Owner

Although writing is my least favorite thing to do, I feel compelled to write this book review on ‘The Most Important Conversation is the One You’re Not Having’. There is so much to say about this easy to read little book. Let me get right to the point, I am going to be 60 years old in 2014 and I’ve been around a lot of people that either have addictive behaviors and/or emotional disorders. What I know with every ounce of my being is the number of these disorders would be greatly reduced. People with existing disorders can be helped by incorporating these tools found in Suzy Greene’s book into their rehabilitation process. What disorders would be avoided if our children learned these tools early? I can see our children now practicing in front of their class room with each other…Learning to talk about difficult subjects, empowering each other against the bully’s mean words. I can see people in rehab finally being able to talk about and let go of things they habitually self-medicate for. I can see relationships being saved by just practicing the simple techniques in Suzy’s book. I can see our government finally being able to sit down and let go of their extreme left or right point of view so they could brainstorm and come up with a new creative solution to our problems. I can see our corporate world incorporating these techniques and running like a fine oiled machine. Thank you Suzy Greene for your simple, clear and much needed message.” Marian Rowan, Patent holding Inventor

I gave a copy of The Most Important Conversation Is the One You’re Not Having to each of my employees for Christmas. After reading it, my Operations Manager thanked me for giving him the book and said he wished he had read that book before he got married. It changed his perspective on communicating.” P. Carlson, CEO from Texas

I couldn’t put this book down! I read it straight through, very life, soul and heart awakening. If I’d taken the time to take a breath and think about my conversations there would have been better outcomes.” L. Russell, Retired in Human Resources

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